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The Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association DBA Independent Forage Growers connects producers/members with ranchers, dairy farmers, stables, feedlot operators and others looking for alfalfa hay and other forages.

Established in 1986, buyers have come to know and respect that when dealing with members of this Association, they will have an opportunity to deal directly with a reputable producer/member.

With producers/members located in the central United States, our climate is ideal for growing for high-quality forages and our location makes shipping nationwide possible. A growing season that goes from May to October allows producers/members to produce all qualities and types of forages.

Our membership includes forage producers and related businesses dedicated to improving the quality, availability, marketability and profitability of forage products. If you’re a forage producer or related business, join today.

If you’re looking for high-quality alfalfa hay or other forages, check out our members’ inventory listings below.

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